As defined within the provisions of the Superannuation Funds Management Corporation of South Australia Act 1995, Funds SA’s investors must be public sector superannuation funds or approved authorities.

An “approved authority means a public authority to which an approval has been granted by the Minister under section 5A(3).”

“public authority” means

  1. a government department;
  2. a Minister;
  3. a statutory authority–
    1. that is an agency or instrumentality of the Crown; or
    2. the accounts of which the Auditor-General is required by law to audit,

and includes any body or person responsible for the management of an eligible superannuation fund and any other body or person brought within the ambit of this definition by the regulations.”

Public sector superannuation funds and approved authorities seeking to invest with Funds SA or enquiring of the investment capabilities of Funds SA should contact the Funds SA Chief Executive Officer.